Intellectual Property

Control over, and access to, knowledge determines how the benefits of scientific, technological, and other advancements are realized and distributed throughout our information society. How exactly does protection of intellectual property rights shape the global knowledge economy? Better understanding and then influencing the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, secrets, and many related legal rules are among my top research priorities.

Intellectual Property

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Jeremy de Beer discusses the smartphone patent wars on cbc radio

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Parallel Imports Are Not Counterfeits: Trademark and Copyright Laws Should Distinguish

Parallel imports are not pirated goods nor counterfeit products. Rather, they are genuine articles sold in another country with the authority of the intellectual property rights owner. Parallel imports help to prevent geographic price discrimination. They are one way of encouraging pricing parity across borders, and an essential aspect of free trade.

Copyright Royalty Stacking: Multiple Payments for Music Licensing

Copyright is a bundle of rights which requires a variety of licenses to use. Copyright royalty stacking means the layering of multiple payments for permission to use copyright-protected materials. It is a phenomenon commonly encountered in copyright licensing transactions, especially music licensing. My book chapter in Michael Geist’s edited collection, “The...

A Property Law Reader

Studying property law for the first time? Here’s Canada’s most widely used casebook on the subject, including cases, questions and commentary on a range of fundamental and cutting-edge property law issues.

Intellectual Property Issues in CETA: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Key intellectual property issues being negotiated in the Canada-EU CETA may be hard to implement, given the constitutional law governing Canada’s federal system. In “Implementing International Trade Agreements in Federal Systems” I explain why. This article examines the negotiations towards a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada...